Ramona Sequeira

Ramona Sequeira is President of Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. She leads the U.S. Business Unit for Takeda, and serves as a member of Takeda Pharmaceutical’s Executive Team. Ms. Sequeira joined Takeda in 2015.

Through her work with Takeda and prior to that with Eli Lilly, Ms. Sequeira has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has led businesses in Canada, Europe and the U.S. Through leadership roles in multiple markets, across cultures and within different healthcare systems she has successfully launched products, transformed businesses, and delivered sustainable growth. Since joining Takeda, Ms. Sequeira has shifted the structure of Takeda’s U.S. Business Unit and altered the investment mix to enable focus, agility and sustainable growth. Known for her forward-looking approach, Ms. Sequeira leads her organization to gain and utilize customer insights to effectively tailor business strategies and build trust with stakeholders.

Ms. Sequeira enjoys participating in leadership forums inside and outside of Takeda to share her views on the role of trust and reputation in long-term company success. A passionate advocate of talent development, diversity and inclusion, she is an active mentor and coach to numerous individuals both inside and outside Takeda. Ms. Sequeira has a keen interest in authentic leadership and has led numerous executive development programs.

Ms. Sequeira is committed to industry’s role in shaping a positive environment that rewards pharmaceutical innovation and ensures patients have access to innovative medicines that can help them have better health. She is a member of the PhRMA Board of Directors, and was appointed, Chair, State Committee, PhRMA in April 2018. She is also a member of the Board of Directors for Matter, a Chicago-based healthcare technology incubator, and was previously a board member of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry. In addition, Ms. Sequeira is a member of the Board of Trustees for Lake Forest Academy, a college preparatory boarding and day school for grades 9 through 12 located in Lake Forest, Illinois. She is also a member of the Chicago Executive Club’s board.

Ms. Sequeira received a B.Sc. with honors in molecular genetics and molecular biology from the University of Toronto, and later received an MBA from McMaster University in Canada.

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