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What we do

What are iPS cells?

iPS cells are established by introducing a small number of genes into ordinary human somatic (differentiated) cells. These pluripotent cells can differentiate into any type of cell in the body and proliferate indefinitely in culture.

Bring Transformative Clinical Innovation with iPS Cell Technologies

T-CiRA is conducting cutting-edge research towards the clinical applications of iPS cells in drug discoveries, cell therapies, and platform technologies.

In vitro human disease models based on iPS cells and mini-organ cells (known as a “disease in a bottle”) help scientists and physicians understand the pathophysiology/mechanism of various disease. iPS cells could be used to screen drugs in both efficacy and potential safety assessments. We can look forward to applications in regenerative medicine, including cell transplantation therapy involving transplantation of tissue and mini-organ cells created by differentiation from iPS cells.