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Inside T-CiRA

Cutting-edge technology leads our center for drug discovery

The T-CiRA research laboratory was established at the Shonan Health Innovation Park as a branch of CiRA, and here, over 100 researchers from CiRA, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, RIKEN and Takeda work together using iPS cell technologies. The lab features the latest equipment and resources, creating a one-stop research environment that begins with fundamental research and culminates in research for clinical trials.

❶ Shonan Health Innovation Park (iPark), Kanagawa, Japan
❷ FACS equipment directs a laser onto the surface of a fluorescent antibody-stained cell to measure its antibody levels.
❸ The latest in state-of-the-art high-content screening devices, allowing for simultaneous
high-resolution photography across four wavelengths
❹ T-CiRA Researchers working in the laboratory at Shonan iPark

Development of the Next Generation of Leaders through "Reverse" Academia-Industry Collaboration

T-CiRA Monthly Meeting

Every month, Prof. Yamanaka visits the Shonan Health Innovation Park and participates in the T-CiRA monthly meeting. At the meeting, in depth  discussion take place on individual project plans and their progress, in order to accelerate research towards the realization of therapies using iPS cells.


T-CiRA Retreat

In order to foster a sense of unity among those engaged in T-CiRA research activities, a total of 160 T-CiRA researchers and T-CiRA support members came together at the T-CiRA Retreat, which included a morning run with Prof. Yamanaka. Team members shared their passion and commitment to completing the long road to applying iPS cell research to drug discovery.


We discussed the future of T-CiRA on the page of “Future of iPSC”

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