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Welcome to the Innovation Capability Center in Bratislava, Slovakia


Takeda is leading a digital revolution. We’re not just transforming our company; we’re improving the lives of millions of patients who rely on our medicines every day.

New facility accelerates innovative technology

The Innovation Capability Center (ICC) will help us realize Takeda’s vision of insourcing data and digital capabilities (e.g., innovation, skillsets, behaviors), which will enable speed in connecting and serving patients. As an organization, we are committed to our cloud-driven business transformation and believe the ICC is a catalyst of change for our global organization.

Located at Pradiaren 1900, the ICC will be in one of the few historical monuments in the area — a revitalized former spinning mill and engine house of the Hungarian Thread factory. The building’s prime location is a dominant element of the Zwirn neighborhood and can be easily accessed by both public and individual transportation. We will have facilities to accommodate bicycle transport by offering indoor bike parking along with an onsite bike shop. Other amenities include an outdoor terrace, charging stations for electric vehicles and offers cyclists a fully equipped facility with changing room and showers in the building.


Inspiring transformative change

The ICC will design exciting and significant changes in technology, and employ more than 300 new technology professionals.

By unleashing the power of data and digital capabilities, in a collaborative global environment, the ICC will ensure that the needs of patients are met.

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