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Living with narcolepsy

June 12, 2024

This article includes real-life patient experiences. Individual experiences may vary. This information is available to the general public for informational purposes only; it should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease. It is not intended to substitute for consultation with a health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for further advice.

Meet Kelsey. She’s sharing her experience with narcolepsy to help us raise awareness about the importance of sleep health and the challenges faced by those living with sleep disorders.

As Kelsey shares in her story, narcolepsy can significantly impact individuals' quality of life. From uncontrollable daytime sleepiness to sudden muscle weakness (cataplexy), those living with narcolepsy face unique challenges every day.

Beyond the physical symptoms, sleep disorders can have far-reaching consequences, including emotional tolls, strains on relationships, and limitations on professional and personal pursuits, as reported by the American Sleep Association - ASAGo to The World Sleep SocietyGo to emphasizes the importance of recognizing the profound burden that sleep disorders place on patients.

By sharing stories to foster understanding and raise awareness, we can pave the way for better support and innovative solutions for those affected, like Kelsey.

Kelsey is a paid speaker for Takeda.