Basic Agreement on a Comprehensive Collaboration Between Takeda and MC-UBS Realty for the Operation of the Shonan iPark

Basic Agreement on a Comprehensive Collaboration Between Takeda and MC-UBS Realty for the Operation of the Shonan iPark

June 12, 2020

- A Collaboration between Takeda and MC-UBS Realty with support provided by specialized departments in Mitsubishi Corporation, the parent company of MC-UBS Realty, enables Shonan iPark to be a world-class innovation ecosystem

Osaka and Tokyo, Japan, June 12, 2020 --- Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) (TSE: 4502, NYSE: TAK) and Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc. (“MC-UBS Realty”) today announced that they have entered into a basic agreement regarding a comprehensive collaboration for the operation of the Shonan Health Innovation Park (“Shonan iPark”), located in Fujisawa in Kanagawa Prefecture, in order to realize the mission of the Shonan iPark, “Establish a life science ecosystem open to the world.”

Takeda has advanced the operation for the Shonan iPark by setting up a trust for the park in April this year to attract more diverse players to the ecosystem for its successful medium- to long-term development. Under the terms of the agreement, Takeda and MC-UBS Realty will work together as strategic partners to build a collaborative organizational structure that can ensure the further development of the Shonan iPark. The efforts of both companies, with the support from Mitsubishi Corporation, the parent company of MC-UBS Realty, will help to increase the value of the Shonan iPark.

Takeda launched the Shonan iPark in April 2018 by transforming its Shonan Research Center to enhance scientific innovation. Since its opening around 2 years ago, approximately 70 companies and parties from not only major pharmaceutical companies but also from industries, governments and universities operating in fields such as next-generation health care, artificial intelligence (AI), medical devices, and venture capital, have taken up residence as the Shonan iPark tenants. Approximately 20 parties have also joined the iPark Membership*. In this way, the Shonan iPark has been expanding its functions as a hub for open innovation in Japan.

The MC-UBS Realty is one of the largest asset management companies of Japan’s real estate investment trusts. It has extensive experience investing in and managing numerous research and development facilities, with a stated aim of “investing in social infrastructure that play a vital role in Japanese economy, and supporting Japan’s industry from the perspective of real estate.” Mitsubishi Corporation, the parent company of MC-UBS Realty, has been involved, since November 2019, in the Shonan iPark as part of its Membership, and has actively studied and explored various measures intended to promote engagement with business in the healthcare, drug discovery, and biological related businesses, and engaged in complex urban development activities as part of the redevelopment plan for the surrounding area. These past efforts have culminated in a collaboration between the Shonan iPark and the MC-UBS Realty. As a part of this collaboration, Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation, with which MC-UBS Realty concluded the asset management contract, has entered into a sale and purchase agreement, through its partner company, relating to the real estate trust beneficiary rights for the Shonan iPark.

The objective of this collaboration is to utilize the extensive networks and capabilities of the MC-UBS Realty and Mitsubishi Corporation to develop the Shonan iPark as a Japan’s leading health innovation ecosystem. More specific objectives of this collaboration are to increase the value of the Shonan iPark in the following 3 areas.


  1. Business/Innovation Creation

To entice a variety of players, including domestic and foreign startups, large corporations, academia and venture capital companies, to become Shonan iPark tenants, and to create an environment that fosters the growth of entrepreneurs and encourages innovation.


  1. Operation/Management

To make it possible to maintain and manage the Shonan iPark in a cost-effective manner, and ensure that it will be able to continue to operate as a science park capable of performing cutting-edge research for years to come. Also, to create a research environment that can provide learning opportunities to all its tenants, and to operate and promote research activities in compliance with all legal regulations. And lastly, to make it possible for the Shonan iPark to maintain and improve its research support capabilities for its tenants and its Membership.


  1. Local/Regional Development

The Shonan iPark will work to build lasting relationships with local and regional stakeholders and neighborhood, and become a focal point for health innovation.

“I am pleased with the agreement that we have reached on the collaboration with MC-UBS Realty for the operation of the Shonan iPark,” said Christophe Weber, President and Chief Executive Officer of Takeda. “I believe that the combined networks and strategic capabilities of both companies as well as the support provided by Mitsubishi Corporation will enable us to turn this pharmaceutical company-based science park into a world-class health innovation ecosystem.”

“For MC-UBS Realty, which has gained extensive experience over many years with investments in and the operation of a variety of industrial facilities, our investment in and operation of this kind of open innovation facility is a transformational project, and one that we believe will be of considerable importance to society,” said Katsuji Okamoto, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the MC-UBS Realty. “With the cooperation of Takeda as well as support provided by Mitsubishi Corporation, our parent company, we are committed to not only successfully managing the Shonan iPark in a way that will make it globally competitive, but also working to help the surrounding area develop into an attractive destination in its own right.”

*A system that allows the members to participate in the Shonan iPark ecosystem without taking the form of occupancy (use of occupied spaces).

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