Shonan Health Innovation Park Grand Opening

Shonan Health Innovation Park Grand Opening

April 13, 2018

-Grand opening ceremony co-hosted by Takeda and Kanagawa Prefecture gains more than 350 officials from government, academia and hospitals

-Shonan Health Innovation Park unveils new logo, representing its vision to create an ecosystem of 3,000 researchers to accelerate innovation and benefit patients in Japan and across the world

Osaka, Japan, April 13, 2018 --- Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited [TSE: 4502]  (“Takeda”) today announced the grand opening of Shonan Health Innovation Park (“Shonan iPark”), which has been designed as the first openly innovative ecosystem in Japan built on pharmaceutical know-how.

Takeda launched Shonan iPark by transforming its Shonan research site to enhance scientific innovation. Shonan iPark is built on pharmaceutical know-how, with experts from the industry including, venture startups, government, and academia coming together to incubate and accelerate research, with the aim of translating cutting-edge science into impactful health solutions. With the aspiration to become a world-class ecosystem, Shonan iPark is supported by the local government and aligns well with the backbone of the government’s economic and revitalization strategy.

The grand opening ceremony co-hosted by Takeda and Kanagawa Prefecture was attended by Governor Yuji Kuroiwa and many other government officials, as well as academia, hospital officials and President and CEO of Takeda, Christophe Weber with other Takeda Executive Team members.

During the ceremony, Dr. Toshio Fujimoto, General Manager of Shonan iPark said, “Generating innovation requires an ecosystem which nurtures entrepreneurship and an organic collaboration of various players across industry, government and academia. Shonan iPark will attract global talent and create health solutions for patients across the globe. I am honored and excited to be leading such an innovation ecosystem from Shonan.”

As a global, science-driven pharmaceutical company, Takeda is committed to strive towards innovation. By opening the state-of-the-art facility with Takeda’s pharmaceutical know-how, Shonan iPark will become a place to catalyze transformative partnerships and technologies into impactful health solutions.

Overview of Shonan iPark
Shonan iPark was conceived as an ecosystem to cultivate bio pharmaceutical, innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship in Japan. Takeda opened the Shonan research site and renamed it Shonan Health Innovation Park (Shonan iPark) in April 2018. It is seeking partners, such as business ventures, hospitals, academia and government. Shonan iPark aims to gather 3,000 researchers by the year 2020 and conduct activities based on the following 4 pillars:

 ・Become a next-generation global research ecosystem

 ・Become a place to co-create with various stakeholders across industry, academia, government and entrepreneurs

 ・Bridge innovative ideas and technology with business

 ・Contribute to the industry’s employment rate and development of the local area

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Shonan iPark logo

The Shonan iPark logo was inspired by its location between the cities of Fujisawa and Kamakura, along with Japan’s famous Shonan seaside. Unveiled at its opening ceremony, the logo uses a wave motif to express its mission of accelerating innovation. The six dots above the lettering signify partners from industry, government, and academia. The wave of a newly born idea may be small at first but grows as it resonates. The waves Shonan iPark generates will translate to innovative medical products and technologies for the benefit of people in Japan and around the world.

Partners at Shonan iPark
As of April 13, 2018, Shonan iPark’s partners are as follows:
Under the Takeda’s Entrepreneurship Venture Program, Chordia Therapeutics, Inc. (Nov.2017), AIKOMI, Inc. (Mar. 2018), FIMECS, Inc. (Mar. 2018), GEXValTM Inc. (Apr. 2018), Reborna Biosciences, Inc. (Apr. 2018), GenAhead Bio, Inc. (Apr. 2018) were established and became partners residing at Shonan iPark.


1.   T-CiRA

2.   Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.
3.   SCOHIA PHARMA, Inc.4.   Cardurion Pharmaceuticals K.K.
5.   SEEDSUPPLY, Inc.6.   ChromaJean Co.
7.   Chordia Therapeutics Inc.8.   RABICS, LTD.
9.   K Pharma, Inc.10. Noile-Immune Biotech, Inc.
11. Oita University Institute of Advanced Medicine, Inc.12. T. N. TECHNOS., LTD.
13. Aikomi Ltd. 14. FIMECS, Inc.
15. Reborna Biosciences, Inc.16. GenAhead Bio Inc.
17. Yokogawa Electric Co.18. FORESIGHT&LINX Co., Ltd.
19. GEXValTM Inc. 


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