ChromaJean to Launch at Takeda's Shonan Research Center

ChromaJean to Launch at Takeda's Shonan Research Center

October 1, 2017

ChromaJean is a Chromatography Purification Biotech Venture that Aims to Provide Significant Healthcare Solutions for Patients

Osaka, Japan, October 2, 2017 - Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited [TSE: 4502], ("Takeda") today announced the launch of ChromaJean, Inc. ("ChromaJean"). ChromaJean is the second biotech company to originate as part of Takeda’s Entrepreneurship Venture Program (EVP) initiative and will be housed at the Shonan Research Center. ChromaJean will provide discovery services including, state-of-the-art chromatography algorithms and wet compound purification capabilities to global pharmaceutical research and development organizations.

ChromaJean’s services are expected to significantly contribute to preclinical and early development chemistry efforts. Specifically, ChromaJean will offer state of the art chromatography algorithm and wet compound purification capabilities that include:

-       standardization of chromatography techniques that enable high efficiency and ensure a high predictive success rate of purification even with chiral compounds;

-       collaboration with academic groups and instrument companies to develop new technologies and devices;

-       knowledge-sharing with R&D organizations through a franchise network system.

Pharmaceutical R&D requires both analytical and separation methods to deliver highly pure chemical compounds. ChromaJean has successfully enhanced the overall chromatography process by creating a unique algorithm which will allow all scientists to select optimized analytical and purification methods without having to depend on individual capability and experience. This unique algorithm, together with technology grounded in Takeda’s heritage, will enable high efficiencies and reduced time and workload for customers.

Takeda’s EVP initiative was created to promote innovation and establish an ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurship by combining selected Takeda assets or technologies and outstanding scientists with start-up support. The launch of ChromaJean exemplifies Takeda’s commitment to further enhance biotech innovation and capabilities in Japan, by also providing scientists with Takeda assets or technologies, seed capital, equipment, office space and research services. Over the next several months, Takeda will continue to launch additional companies at the Shonan Research Center.

Takeda is in the process of transforming its research and development (R&D) organization by focusing on three key therapeutic areas - Oncology, Gastroenterology, and Central Nervous System Disorders, as well as Vaccines. It is also taking steps to integrate its R&D activities in Japan and the United States. The EVP initiative was created as part of this transformation and aims to provide significant therapeutic options and healthcare solutions to patients.


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