Civil Society Initiative Subsidy Program Takeda Well-Being Program: Giving Children in Long-term Treatment the Energy to Live Phase II to Commence

Civil Society Initiative Subsidy Program Takeda Well-Being Program: Giving Children in Long-term Treatment the Energy to Live Phase II to Commence

May 29, 2015

Osaka, Japan, May 29, 2015 – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) today announced that it starts the second phase (project period: FY2014–FY2018) of the “Takeda Well-Being Program” which supports children in long-term treatment and their families.

The Program aims to sponsor organizations that provide support to children undergoing long-term treatment for diseases and their families, and is run by a non-profit organization, the Civil Society Initiative Fund (CSIF), which manages the funds from Takeda. Recipient projects are reviewed annually by the CSIF to decide on the subsidies.

In Phase I (FY2009–FY2013), 14 projects were supported focusing on children who are hospitalized for long-term treatment, and they included “play” activities and the establishment of a network of organizations engaged in activities in children’s wards. In Phase II, our assistance will cover a broader scope to include children of junior and senior high school ages or older while working to support those under homecare in the community. It has been decided the “Play Therapy Workshop in support of children under treatment in the community and their siblings (Recipient: Children’s Hospice Project)” will be subsidized. CSIF will continue to have dialog with NPOs as potential candidates for the subsidy.

Combined with the assistance in Phase I, the Program will be a long-term one, lasting over ten years.

As a pharmaceutical company committed to human lives, Takeda shall continue contributing to society by being dedicated to improving people’s health and the future of medicine with a generation of innovative medicines, and support patients and their families who need more than the supply of pharmaceutical goods.

*For more details of the current recipients and activities thus far, please see CSIF’s website:

< About the "Takeda Well-Being Program" >
1. Target recipients
Organizations that support activities to heighten the quality of life and enrich the minds and hearts of children undergoing long-term treatment, and their parents
1) Activities for developing human resources and building a network inside and outside a hospital
2) Supporting the activities for homes and lives
3) Supporting for a new approach

2. Means of support
Systematic donation (non-invitational, CSIF contacts each NPO to discuss the detail of each program with them, obtains advice from experts, then reviews to select the projects on behalf of Takeda)

3. Donation period in Phase II
Five years (FY2014-FY2018)

4. Amount of donation
¥50 million

< About Civil Society Initiative Fund (CSIF) >
The Fund solicits various forms of donations and support from individuals, enterprises, organizations and other entities, and provides support for the activities of individual NPOs on specified themes. It is a fund-mediating organization equipped with special consultation functions. Grounded in the aspiration to contribute to building a new civic society, it was founded in 2002 and it is dedicated to the widening of NPO funding sources and the independent development and revitalization of the NPO sector.



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