Towards Optimization of Global Production Network

Towards Optimization of Global Production Network

November 27, 2014

Osaka, Japan, November 27, 2014 –Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) announced today that it has decided to focus its Osaka Plant (Osaka Prefecture, Japan) to become a specialty manufacturing site for Leuplin, one of Takeda’s main products. It will transfer the manufacturing of solid products to its plants at Hikari (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan) and Oranienburg (Brandenburg, Germany), a process that will be completed during fiscal year 2018, in order to optimize its global manufacturing network.

The Osaka Plant will continue to contribute to the company’s business as a specialty manufacturing site for Leuplin. Meanwhile, the Hikari Plant will further expand its capacity to produce various ethical drugs, including anticancer drugs and vaccines. The Oranienburg Plant which has excellent productivity will further enhance its capacity and continue to deliver products to many countries.

“Takeda aims to become fit and competitive for the future by realizing a best-in-class, patient and customer-centric organization.” said Tetsuo Miwa, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Pharmaceutical Production Division. “Through our effort towards optimizing our global manufacturing network, our company will further enhance our productivity and streamline our global operations, as well as further reinforce our manufacturing and supply system for focus on timely delivery of our high quality products to patients and healthcare providers throughout the world”.

To facilitate the transfer of production, Takeda estimates a capital investment of about 9 billion yen for Hikari Plant and a marginal additional investment in equipment in the Oranienburg Plant. Takeda's consolidated financial statement for the fiscal 2014 will not be impacted by this decision to transfer production.

About Osaka Plant
Founded in 1915
Ground area 160,000 m2
Main products
● Drug formulations
Takepron, Adecut, Basen, Leuplin, Blopress, Unisia, Actos, Actos OD, Nesina, Metact, Benet, Azilva, Liovel, Bronica, Solfa, Edarbi, Edarbyclor, Dexilant

About Hikari Plant
Founded in 1946
Ground area 969,644 m2
Main products
● Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Blopress, Takepron, Edarbi, Leuplin, Azilva, etc.
● Drug formulations
Leuplin, Firstcin, Lansap, Lampion Pack, etc.
● Biological products
Freeze-dried live attenuated measles-rubella combined vaccines, adsorbed diphtheria-purified pertussis-tetanus combined vaccines, etc.

About Oranienburg Plant
Founded in 1885
Ground area 150,000 m2
Main products
● Drug formulations
145 solid products, including Pantoprazole, Cardiomagnyl, etc.