Takeda Well-Being Program 2013 - "Giving Children in Long-term Treatment the Energy to Live"

Takeda Well-Being Program 2013 - "Giving Children in Long-term Treatment the Energy to Live"

February 27, 2014

Osaka, Japan, February 27, 2014 – Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) today announced that the annual programs for the “Takeda Well-Being Program” have been decided for fiscal year 2013.

The "Takeda Well-Being Program", a five-year program set up in 2009, sponsors  organizations that provide support to children undergoing long-term treatment for diseases and their families. The recipients of the grants are reviewed annually, and this year eight were selected to receive donations. These projects were chosen by the Civil Society Initiative Fund (CSIF), a non-profit organization (NPO) that manages the “Takeda Well-Being Program” through funding from Takeda.

As a company committed to improving people’s lives, Takeda strives towards better health for patients worldwide through leading innovation in medicine. In addition to this, Takeda continues to contribute to society through support for patients and their families who need more than just pharmaceutical products.

・The eight projects selected by CSIF in FY2013
#Summary of ProjectsGroupLocation

Strengthening of support for siblings of hospitalized children and the implementation of the program commemorating the 10th anniversary of Shibutane

Shibutane (Sibling Support Seeding Project)Osaka
2Development of a picture book festival at pediatric diseases wards and pediatric diseases centersPicture Book Project, NPOTokyo
3Establishment of a nation-wide volunteer network supporting “play” in pediatric disease wardsJapan Children’s Ward Play Volunteer NetworkTokyo
4Support for a nation-wide networking events for pediatric cancer survivorsChildhood Cancer Network MN projectTokyo
5Development and implementation of social communication skills training programs for child cancer survivorsHOPE Project, NPO


6Implementation of an education program teaching play therapy to children undergoing long-term therapy and their siblingsChildren's Hospice ProjectOsaka
7Implementation of an entertainment program thats fuses science and art in pediatric disease wardsStarlySky Products Alricha  Yamanashi
8Strengthening networking and support systems  for siblings striving to assist children with chronic diseases and disabilitiesThe Sibling Support Awareness GroupTokyo

*To learn more about each program, please visit the website of CSIF; (http://www.civilfund.org/fund26.html)

< About the “Takeda Well-Being Program” >

1. Target recipients
Organizations that support activities to enhance the quality of life and enrich the minds and hearts of children undergoing long-term treatment as well as their parents

2. Means of support
Systematic donation (non-invitational, CSIF contacts each NPO to discuss the details of each program with them, and after consulting experts in the field, review and selects the projects on behalf of Takeda)

3. Amount of donation
FY2013: ¥11,305,540, FY2012: ¥8,694,460, FY2011: ¥10 million, FY2010: ¥7.3 million, FY2009: ¥7 million

4. Donation period
Usually no more than one year, however, extension of donation on a continuing basis will be considered when donation for more than one fiscal year is judged to be appropriate in light of the nature of the target project.

< About Civil Society Initiative Fund (CSIF) >

The Fund solicits various forms of donations and support from individuals, enterprises, organizations and other entities, and provides support for the activities of individual NPOs on specified themes. It is a fund-mediating organization equipped with special consultation functions. Grounded in the aspiration to contribute to building a new civic society, it was founded in 2002 and it is dedicated to the widening of NPO funding sources and the independent development and revitalization of the NPO sector.

URL: http://www.civilfund.org/

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