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Conclusion of the Cooperative Commercialization of the Poultice and Tape Formulations of SELTOUCH®, A Transdermal Absorption-type Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory Agent

July 22, 2014

Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, July 22, 2014— Pfizer Japan Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO Ichiro Umeda, “Pfizer”), Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka, President & COO Christophe Weber, “Takeda”) and ASKA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President, Representative Director Takashi Yamaguchi, “ASKA”) announced today that they have reached an agreement to conclude their contracts regarding the product SELTOUCH® (“SELTOUCH”, generic name: felbinac). Effective September 30, 2014, the distribution and marketing activities for both the poultice formulation and the tape formulation of Pfizer's transdermal absorption-type analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent SELTOUCH (SELTOUCH PAP 70, SELTOUCH PAP 140, and SELTOUCH TAPE 70) by Takeda and ASKA will be concluded. Effective October 1, 2014, Pfizer will conduct the distribution and marketing activities for this product.

SELTOUCH was launched in 1993 with Pfizer*1 and Takeda conducting distribution and marketing activities for the product. In July 2009, Pfizer*2 and ASKA signed an agreement related to the commercialization rights of the poultice formulation of SELTOUCH, while at the same time, ASKA and Takeda signed an agreement in which the distribution and marketing activities for  that formulation of SELTOUCH were entrusted to Takeda. In 2011, a tape formulation was launched, and Pfizer entrusted the distribution and marketing activities for the tape formulation to Takeda. Presently, due to changes in the business environment surrounding all three companies, it has been decided in agreement with all three companies to conclude these agreements in order to maximize the product value of SELTOUCH.

The three companies will work closely to smoothly implement the marketing transfer of SELTOUCH. The companies remain committed to contributing to healthcare by providing therapeutical treatment options that address unmet needs of patients.

*1 Then Lederle Japan, Ltd.
*2 Then Wyeth K.K.  

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About Wyeth Lederle Japan and Pfizer Japan Inc. history
1998 Japan Lederle and Wyeth (Japan) Corporation were integrated together to form Wyeth Lederle Japan Ltd. (WLJ)
2003 WLJ changed its name to Wyeth K. K. (WKK)
2009 Wyeth was integrated into Pfizer
2010 Japan-based Wyeth was integrated into Pfizer Japan Inc. to become the currently existing Pfizer Japan Inc.