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Known for its proven record of partnerships, collaborations & In-licensing deals around the globe over few decades, our team has the internal mindset & capabilities to deliver fast access of new health technologies to the Israeli market.  Takeda Israel dedicated team of Business Development & Alliance Management who work closely with our Market access, Medical and Commercial teams are highly skilled in registration, reimbursement & launch programs to deliver long term success to our partners within the healthcare ecosystem in Israel including leading medical centers, KOLs, the Israeli Ministry of Health, physicians and HMO's, life science VC's and Technology Incubators.


Takeda Israel is actively seeking to utilize its capabilities and partner up with pharmaceutical companies and biotech startups in order to assist them in distributing .their products and allow them access to the Israeli market.


Big-Pharma competencies with a start-up spirit

As a company with a passion to address unmet medical needs for the patients we serve in Israel, Takeda Israel pursues its licensing activities independently on one hand and on the other, maintains close contact with Takeda global functions. This allows us not only access to global KOLs but also reciprocal sharing of opportunities with our corporate peers as well as a gateway for potential collaboration outside our marketplace on regional and global levels.


 Israel – a small country with a lucrative market 

The Israeli industry was the breaking ground for several commercial success stories, such as Mobileye, leader in autonomous driving (recently acquired by Intel for $15.3B), market leaders in software security systems Checkpoint Ltd.; navigation technologies pioneers Waze (acquired by Google) and notably Biopharma technology companies such as cCAM therapeutics (acquired by Merck), Prolor Biotech (acquired by OPKO Health) and lately Neuroderm (acquired by Mitsubishi Pharma). Consequently, Israel is reputed to be the "marketing lab" for biotech innovation and a spring board for global success.


The innovative drug industry in Israel by numbers

$2.4B sales of which $1.8B originates from innovative industry.

35 novel drugs on average enter the market annually.

3,000 clinical trials each year, thanks to the high level of medical experts.


Our focus: we consider ourselves as a boutique partner, supported by a well-established global infrastructure. We are interested to in-license late stage, innovative drugs in Takeda's core therapeutic areas – Oncology, CNS and Gastrointestinal diseases as well as niche products in rare diseases – with relatively short time to market.

Launch record: To date, Takeda Israel has managed to launch seven new drugs, one of which was the second fastest launch by a Takeda branch worldwide after its US approval.

Fast track to innovation: Israel ministry of health has an annual budget (called "national health basket") of approx. $130M for new healthcare technologies and Takeda Israel has already managed to ensure coverage for five of its products.

Positive regulatory environment: Local health authorities are considered highly receptive of new healthcare technologies. Registration of new drugs is a relatively short process that  requires a 'registered and marketed' approval by one of the following recognised countries: US, Canada, EU (Centrlised), European Union members before 2004 (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, UK, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Australia, New Zealand or Japan.

Geographical outreach: Israel's population of ~8.8 Million is spread across an area of only ~21,000 km2, which allows us to physically reach our farthest customerswithin a couple of hours.



Liat Persiko

Oncology & Hematology Business Unit Director


Phone: +972 (0) 3-636-8065


Moti Gal

Scientific Analyst


Phone: +972 (0) 54-593-3127