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Our Pipeline of New Treatments

Takeda strives to achieve leading innovation in medicine and determines its R&D strategy based on the latest medical needs.

Takeda research and development programs have resulted in an exciting pipeline of potential new treatments that are at various stages of development:

  • Phase 1, small studies, often with healthy patients to evaluate safety and how the drug works in the body (absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion).
  • Phase 2, generally small-scale studies to evaluate specific characteristics such as safety, efficacy, dosing or administration methods.
  • Phase 3, involving larger numbers of patients, often in more than one country evaluating the new treatment against placebo or medicines used previously. Results of these studies are generally used to support applications for marketing approval in different countries.

Takeda discloses drugs under development that have entered phase 1 clinical trials or above in Japan, the U.S. or Europe. The pipeline is updated each quarter and is available here.