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Patient Days for Oncology

Blood cancer patients clearly indicate that it is very important – both for them and their family – that more awareness is generated around blood cancer and the impact this disease has on their daily lives. Next to that, there is a need for information on treatment options as well as for support on the challenges that daily life with the disease brings.

Therefore, Takeda Belgium organizes – together with hospitals and Belgian blood cancer patient associations – the haematology patient days. During these events, patients have peer-to-peer contact, allowing them to discuss, listen and learn from each other, but also to talk to the specialists and the multi-disciplinary teams from the hospitals.

Amongst others, this approach for instance resulted in the first French speaking Lymphoma Patient Day and the World Blood Cancer Awareness Day. During the French speaking Lymphoma Patient Day, topics as disease education, treatments, patient rights and management of fatigue were tackled.

The World Blood Cancer Awareness Day focused on disease sensitisation towards the broad public and patient empowerment. A round table was set up, diving into the topic of life after treatment, and the challenges patients can face regarding reintegration into their professional and social life.