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Toilet Pass Campaign

IBD is an invisible disease. It’s not very well known by the general public and patients face a lot of social stigmas. For example, IBD patients are often refused access to toilets, even when they use their toilet card. Takeda developed - in collaboration with the Belgian IBD patient associations - an awareness campaign aimed at the broad public and health policymakers. The campaign consisted of several candid camera videos and a petition. The ultimate goal: raise awareness for IBD and ensure toilet access for patients.

It’s empowering to see how patients have taken matters into their own hands to make a change. The success is evident, too - the campaign resulted in more than 13,000 signatures, over 20 press clippings, and coverage on national television and the radio.

These patients have taken a major step towards mainstream acceptance of their disease. The commotion they generated even prompted other patient organisations to join in. As we speak, they are forming an alliance to create a single toilet pass.

Toilet Pass Campaign Video (NL)

Toilet Pass Campaign Video (FR)


C-ANPROM/BE/ENTY/0060 - Feb 2022