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In Their Shoes

Takeda employees around the world know that the Group's philosophy is to make the patient its number one priority in everything it does in order to better understand the physical and emotional burden caused by diseases.

The "In Their Shoes" initiative goes further than this simple understanding: Takeda Belgium offered its employees the unique opportunity to experience what it would be like living with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis for 48 hours. Regular challenges, developed by patients, made it possible for participants to get a small feel for the physical, psychological and social difficulties that these patients are confronted with on a daily basis.

"In Their Shoes" allows participants to experience the disease emotionally, as if they were "in the skin" of a patient. This unique opportunity is not limited to Takeda Belgium employees: Belgian gastro- enterologists and IBD nurses (and the press) were also invited to participate in a second version of the programme.


In 2021, this initiative was widely visible in the press as a way of supporting patients and making the general public aware of the reality of patients' daily lives.

In Their Shoes1 (NL/FR)

In Their Shoes2 (NL)

In Their Shoes2 (FR)


 C-ANPROM/BE/ENTY/0060 - Feb 2022