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Introducing "Take Care of Rare": A New Podcast Series on Fabry Disease by Takeda Belgium

25 April 2024

Zaventem, Belgium, April 25, 2024 - Takeda Belgium presents "Take Care of Rare", a new podcast series, dedicated to shedding a light on Fabry Disease. Unleashed during April - Fabry Disease Awareness Month, the podcast series encourages medical professionals and patients to explore beyond conventional diagnoses and consider rare diseases as a possibility when encountering patients with uncommon symptoms.

Take Care of Rare Zebra

"When you hear hooves, don't think horse, think zebra”

Fabry Disease is a rare genetic disorder that poses significant challenges for a timely diagnosis. As the symptoms of Fabry Disease can be non-specific and overlap with other conditions, it makes it difficult to recognize without specific testing.

To address this issue, Takeda Belgium has developed "Take Care of Rare," a podcast series that provides valuable insights and guidance for healthcare professionals and patients for the early diagnosis of rare diseases.

The first seven episodes are particularly focused on Fabry Disease, aiming to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge necessary for its symptoms, red flags and thus testing.

The podcast targets specifically cardiologists, nephrologists and neurologists, who are most likely to come into contact with undiagnosed Fabry patients. Renowned specialists who co-created the episodes, including Prof. Dr. David Cassiman, Prof. Dr. Thomas Robyns, Dr. Wim Terryn, Dr. Gert De Schoenmakere, Dr. Dimitri Hemelsoet, and Dr. Jelle Demeestere, share expertise and insights to aid in early diagnosis and treatment.

"Take Care of Rare" is not only beneficial for healthcare professionals but also for Fabry patients and their relatives who seek a deeper understanding of the disease. The podcast is available on Spotify and YouTube, ensuring easy and broad access for all interested listeners.

"Takeda Belgium is committed to supporting faster diagnosis and increasing awareness of rare diseases. By launching 'Take Care of Rare' during Fabry Disease Awareness Month, we aim to make a significant impact in the medical community and improve the lives of patients with Fabry Disease" explains Katrien van Elk - Takeda Belgium, who conducted the interviews with various speakers for the podcast episodes.

To access to the podcast episodes, please find them on to the platforms:

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