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This website is operated by Takeda Belgium (hereinafter “Takeda”). The use of this website (hereinafter the “Website”) is governed by the following terms and conditions:

1. Intellectual property rights

a. Content and presentation of the Website

The Website is an original creation and both its contents and its structure are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. All logos, drawings, illustrations, images and sounds featuring on this Website are also protected by copyright. Users are hereby explicitly forbidden to reproduce, be it in part or in full, publish, release, circulate, disseminate, translate, manipulate, adapt, hire, borrow or integrate any of the information on this Website into any other website, in any form or any manner whatsoever, irrespective of the medium used, without having obtained the prior, written and explicit permission from the owners of this Website.

b. Documents

Takeda allows users to avail of the information and documents published on this Website (such as leaflets, text material, tables, illustrations, photographic material, etc.) provided that (1) the relevant copyright references are not deleted, (2) these documents are used for informative, educational or scientific purposes only and are not used for commercial ends or distributed amongst (potential) Takeda competitors or published or broadcasted in the media, and (3) these documents are not altered in any way. Any use that contravenes the present terms and conditions is hereby explicitly prohibited.

c. Names

The trademarks and names featuring on this Website, such as the names of products, the names of authorities, trade names and company names may be protected by law.

2. Hyperlinks to third-party websites

The websites to which you may be redirected via hyperlinks on this Website are not monitored by Takeda with the result that Nycomed cannot be held responsible for any illegal content that may feature on these websites or for any of the hyperlinks these websites may contain, redirecting users to other websites. The fact that this Website contains hyperlinks to third-party websites does not in any way imply that Takeda has approved or vouches for the quality of the information published on these websites.

3. Use of cookies

We may collect and process anonymous information about your visit to this website, such as some of the pages you visit and some of the searches you perform. Such anonymous information is used by us to help improve the contents of the site and to compile aggregate statistics about individuals using our site for internal, market research purposes. In doing this, we may install “cookies.”

4. Limitation of liability

Even though Takeda has made every effort to ensure that the information published on its Website is correct, it cannot furnish any guarantees however as to the accuracy, comprehensiveness, usability or topicality of this information.

On no account shall Takeda be held liable for any typing errors, other types of faults or mistakes that may appear on this Website. Takeda shall not be held liable for any indirect damage, brand-image damage, the loss of data, the loss of profits or turnover, the lack of savings, a delay in activities or any other form of financial or commercial loss, under any circumstances, even if Takeda was notified that these types of losses may arise.

Takeda does not furnish any guarantees in terms of the availability and the flawless functioning of the Website and shall not be held accountable for any downtimes or malfunctions, whatever the cause. Takeda shall at all times, and without any obligation to give prior notice, be entitled to make this Website unavailable, be it on a temporary or on a permanent basis.

In the event of a dispute concerning electronic communications in relation to the use of the Website (such as the ability to log on to the Website, contracts concluded electronically via the Website and the subscription or the unsubscribing to newsletters) only the Takeda technical data shall have any probative effect.

5. Applicable law and competent court

This Website, its running and use shall be exclusively governed by Belgian law. Any disputes that may arise from the operating or the use of this Website shall be exclusively adjudicated upon by the courts of Brussels.  


This can also be found on the link: Disclaimer - EN_2012