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Clinical Trial Transparency

As Takeda conducts clinical research we are dedicated to transparency and integrity.

We are committed to complying with all laws, regulations, and pharmaceutical industry guidelines related to disclosure of Takeda-sponsored clinical trial information, including the timely registration of our clinical trial information, communication of trial summary results, and publication of our research, regardless of outcome.

This website provides access to information from Takeda-sponsored clinical trials using the following links.

Clinical Trial Protocol Information >
Clinical Trial Summary Result Information >

In addition, Takeda has established a global web site that provides easily accessible information from clinical trials.

Click here to access global clinical trial information on TakedaClinicalTrials.com 

A Japanese-language site is also available to allow access to information from clinical trials conducted in Japan.

Click here to access select clinical trial information in Japanese 

To further advance medical science and improve patient care, Takeda supports pharmaceutical industry initiatives relating to increased clinical trial transparency.

This includes responsibly sharing anonymized individual patient-level data with qualified researchers for legitimate purposes while also safeguarding the privacy of our research participants.

To achieve this goal Takeda is proud to accept research requests from qualified researchers for patient-level clinical trial data using the ClinicalStudyDataRequest.com data sharing portal.