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Our Commitment to Patients

Why It Matters

Our purpose of Better health for people, brighter future for the world has taken on new significance during the COVID-19 pandemic. With health care systems stressed and attention focused on stemming the spread of the virus, community well-being and personal health have become inextricably linked. While pivoting to address COVID-19, Takeda remains steadfast in our commitment to prioritize patients worldwide — especially those most in need — through uninterrupted access to medicines and our world-class research and development (R&D) efforts, transformative therapies and a values-based approach to strengthening health care systems.

We believe access to health care, medicines and vaccines is a priority for people globally. By focusing our R&D efforts on four therapeutic areas — Oncology, Rare Genetic and Hematology, Neuroscience and Gastroenterology — along with other targeted investments, we can continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in order to bring life-changing medicines and therapies to patients worldwide.

However, challenges in the global health care system persist, including uneven access to care and treatments, health inequality, lack of disease prevention, epidemics/disease elimination and pandemic preparedness. The effects of a changing climate on public health are also becoming increasingly visible, impacting the health and well-being of people around the globe. Takeda aims to address these challenges through innovative R&D, our global Access to Medicines strategy and our carbon neutrality commitment.

As a patient-first company, we partner with patients, patient organizations, caregivers and other key stakeholders to understand the burden of disease and unmet needs that our core therapeutic areas can help alleviate. These collaborations make sure we are developing medicines and that our work is in partnership with patients, not simply for patients.

Our Commitment to Patients

In R&D, we set and adhere to a high bar for innovation to discover treatments for unmet medical needs. We have deliberately built our R&D engine based on highly focused therapeutic areas, with targeted patient populations in areas of high unmet need.

Our pipeline assets, of which approximately 50% have an orphan designation, are projected to deliver value in two distinct waves*. In the near-term, through FY2024, our Wave 1 pipeline includes 11 unique new molecular entities with the potential for 15 launches. All represent best-in-class or first-in-class therapies to advance the standard of patient care. Wave 2 of our pipeline is expected to support sustainable growth from FY2025 and includes approximately 30 programs with transformative or curative potential. To fuel our R&D engine, we seek the best possible science and scientists, internally and externally, and invest for the long term. Our R&D is modality agnostic. We innovate through a strong internal laboratory that also draws on expertise from our robust network of more than 200 partnerships.

Our commercial strategy is focused on accelerating access to our medicines worldwide. Takeda has adopted an innovative new pricing principle, which introduces a commitment to “tiered pricing,” alongside value-based contracts and Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs). We empower our local teams to work with speed and agility and ensure local decisions are made closest to patients. With this holistic approach across approximately 80 countries and regions, the greatest number of patients can access our global product portfolio as quickly as possible.

*31 Orphan Drug Designations in at least one indication of assets in Phase 1 through lifecycle management in 2019 versus 15 in 2018

Our Priorities

Responsibly translate science into highly innovative, life-changing medicines and vaccines

We focus on diseases with the highest unmet need to bring medicines and vaccines of the highest quality to patients as quickly as possible.

Deliver life-changing medicines and vaccines to people by cultivating the best science generated through our strong internal research and development capabilities complemented by our extensive partnership network.

PRIORITY 2: Embed a patient-centric and science-driven approach from discovery through commercialization to ensure rapid, global access to all transformative medicines and vaccines.

PRIORITY 3: Ensure the high-quality, uninterrupted supply and delivery of our medicines and vaccines to people by harnessing innovation.


Accelerate access to improve lives worldwide

We partner with diverse stakeholders to support the sustainability of health care systems.

Provide timely, broad and sustainable access to our innovative medicines worldwide.

PRIORITY 2: Ensure sustainable access to our innovative medicines for patients diagnosed with a serious condition in underserved communities, in particular where there are no medical alternatives.

PRIORITY 3: Improve patient outcomes and create societal value through partnerships.


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