Approach to the environment

We are progressing in areas of environment, health, and safety (EHS) with a medium- to long-term perspective to fulfill our responsibilities as a global enterprise.

Takeda is engaged in proactive environmental protection activities based on global targets such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.

Environmental Management

 Takeda is strengthening its environmental protection structure following the direction set out by the Global EHS Policy. In 2015, we reorganized the corporate EHS system to enable agile and efficient management at the global level. Having the system at the center, we are making further progress on environmental protection measures both from global and local perspectives in a layer by layer fashion.

Support for the New "Paris Agreement"Framework for Global Warming Prevention

 Takeda supports the Paris Agreement adopted by the 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21). We have signed the Paris Pledge for Action to commit ourselves to working to achieve the Agreement targets. We are the only Japanese pharmaceutical company participating in Caring for Climate, the world's largest corporate-led initiative on climate change.

Fiscal 2020 Medium-Term Global Targets

Takeda has established an action plan with targets for fiscal 2020, aiming to reduce its environmental impact over the medium and long term. The plan sets out numerical targets for items including CO2 emissions, fresh water used, NOx emissions, SOx emissions, and volumes of final waste disposal (in Japan), as part of Takeda's ongoing efforts to address global environmental issues.

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

 Takeda is actively engaged in biodiversity conservation. We have been helping to conserve endangered species since 1933 through ongoing research on plants with medicinal properties at Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation (Kyoto) as well as promoting initiatives to cultivate medicinal plants in-house.


Issues and Initiatives Going Forward

Takeda supports the Paris Agreement and has been responding to various concerns of the global community such as climate change. Through calculating Scope 3 emissions and independent assurance, we continue to measure our environmental impact and disclose highly transparent and reliable information. Our EHS management in the critical areas will proceed with a medium- to long-term perspective based on global targets for the year of 2020.diverse employees' perspectives and capabilities.


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