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Steven Gillis, Board of Directors - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Steven Gillis

Steven Gillis

External Director

Aug 1981 - Founder, Director and Executive Vice President, Research and Development, Immunex Corporation (currently, Amgen, Inc.)

Jun 1988 - President and Chief Operating Officer, Immunex Research and Development Corporation

Jul 1990 - President and Chief Executive Officer, Immunex Research and Development Corporation

May 1993 - Chief Executive Officer, Immunex Corporation

Oct 1994 - Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Corixa Corporation (currently, GlaxoSmithKline)

Jan 1999 - Director and Chairman, Corixa Corporation

Aug 2005 - Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners (to present)

Oct 2009 - External Director, Pulmatrix, Inc.

Oct 2012 - External Director, Shire plc

2015 - Chairman and External Director, Codiak Biosciences (to present)

May 2016 - External Director and Chairman, VBI Vaccines, Inc. (to present)

Jan 2019 - External Director of the Company (to present)