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Ramona Sequeira

Ramona Sequeira

President, Global Portfolio Division

Ramona Sequeira is a member of Takeda’s Global Executive Team and President of Takeda’s Global Portfolio Division (GPD) where she leads Takeda’s Regional Business Units across Europe and Canada, Growth and Emerging Markets, and China - as well as Takeda’s Global Vaccines business unit and Global Medical and Global Product and Launch Strategy Functions.

As GPD is a primary growth driver for Takeda, Ramona’s focus for the division is to accelerate growth, support public health and improve health equity by increasing the impact of Takeda’s transformational medicines and vaccines for people worldwide.

For more than 25 years in the biopharmaceutical industry, Ramona has led businesses across multiple markets, cultures and healthcare systems. She has lived and worked in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. for Takeda and, prior to that, for Eli Lilly. Her first commitment has always been to drive strategies around meeting the needs of patients, while also prioritizing sustainable growth, high employee engagement and strong organizational alignment.

Joining Takeda in 2015 to lead Takeda’s US business unit, Ramona has been instrumental in shifting the business structure, portfolio and investment mix to enable focus, agility and resiliency while aligning her organization around common values, vision and culture. Her focus on trust and collaboration has enabled Takeda to build numerous strategic partnerships with other health care stakeholders to deliver innovative solutions across a wide range of areas including patient support, health equity and value-based care. Ramona emphasizes the need to keep decisions as close to the patient as possible, recognizing that people – whether patients, colleagues, customers or partners – are impacted by the company’s actions.

She advocates for diverse talent development and inclusive workplaces while enabling clear decision-making, embracing enterprise accountability and fostering trust. She actively mentors and coaches individuals throughout the company and industry and participates in leadership forums inside and outside of Takeda.

Ramona spent seven years as a member of PhRMA’s board of directors, serving on numerous committees, as treasurer, vice-chair and most recently as the first woman to serve as chair in the organization’s history. As chair, she focused on the industry’s role in shaping a positive environment that rewards pharmaceutical innovation and ensures patients have access to life transforming treatments and vaccines. Ramona is a member of the Board of Directors of Edwards Life Sciences and the Board of Trustees of Harvey Mudd College.

Ramona earned an MBA from McMaster University in Canada and a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in molecular genetics and molecular biology from the University of Toronto. She resides with her family in the Boston area.