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Kimberly A. Reed, Board of Directors - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Kimberly A. Reed

Kimberly A. Reed

External Director - Audit & Supervisory Committee member

Oct 1997 - Counsel, United States House of Representatives

May 2004 - Senior Advisor to United States Secretaries of the Treasury, United States Department of the Treasury

Feb 2007 - Director and Chief Executive Officer, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund, United States Department of the Treasury

Dec 2007 - Vice President, Financial Markets Policy Relations, Lehman Brothers

Sep 2009 - President, International Food Information Council Foundation

May 2019 - Chairman of the Board of Directors, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Export-Import Bank of the United States

Feb 2021 - Distinguished Fellow, Council on Competitiveness (to present)

Aug 2021 - External Director, Momentus Inc. (to present)

Jun 2022 - External Director of the Company (to present)

Mar 2023 - External Director, Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. (to present)