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Jean-Luc Butel , Board of Directors - Takeda Pharmaceuticals

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Jean-Luc Butel

Jean-Luc Butel

External Director

Jan 1994 - President, Nippon Becton Dickinson Company, Ltd.

Jan 1998 - Corporate Officer, President, Worldwide Consumer Healthcare, Becton, Dickinson and Company

Nov 1999 - President, Independence Technology, Johnson & Johnson

Aug 2003 - Corporate Officer, Executive Committee Member, Senior Vice President and President, Asia Pacific, Medtronic, Inc.

May 2008 - Corporate Officer, Executive Committee Member, Executive Vice President and Group President, International, Medtronic, Inc.

Feb 2012 - Corporate Officer, Operating Committee Member and Corporate Vice President, Baxter International Inc.

Jan 2015 - President, International, Baxter International Inc.

Jul 2015 - Global Healthcare Advisor, President, K8 Global Pte. Ltd. (to present)

Jun 2016 - External Director, Audit & Supervisory Committee member of the Company

Sep 2017 - External Director, Novo Holdings A/S (to present)

Jun 2019 - External Director of the Company (to present)