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Protecting our planet: Biodiversity

The Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation, Kyoto

Our garden for medical plant conservation

The garden, based in Kyoto, Japan, was established in 1933 as a facility for researching medicinal plants. The Takeda Garden for Medicinal Plant Conservation, Kyoto (formerly Kyoto Takeda Herbal Garden) is continuously engaging in social contribution activities, focusing on the collection, storage and cultivation of medicinal plants. The site houses 3,000 species of plants including medicinal plants on a 94,000 sq. meter area. There are about 570 camellia varieties that Chobei Takeda VI started to collect in 1956.
Bee on yellow flower

Bees symbolize a healthy environment and biodiversity

In 2020, beehives were installed in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, supported by the site’s environment committee, an employee resource group. Teams at our Vienna, Linz and Orth sites in Austria also collaborated with the Upper Austrian Beekeeping Association to install beehives at the site.