About Takeda UK

Takeda UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's largest pharmaceutical company - a global industry leader with more than 30,000 employees in 70 countries.

Our mission is to strive towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine. We are proud of our distinguished 230-year heritage, which is rooted in the values of 'Takeda-ism': integrity, fairness, honesty and perseverance.

By applying these principles consistently to everything we do, and by always putting patients' interests first, we aim to earn the trust of the communities we serve. As a values-based, customer-focussed organisation, our goal is to be an agile, best-in-class pharmaceutical company.

We seek to excel areas of high unmet medical need: oncology, gastroenterology and diabetes. In each of these fields, we work towards realising our 'Vision 2025' by giving patients throughout the UK access to innovative new medicines.

Takeda is embarking on the next stage of its evolution into an agile specialty care provider, delivering better health for patients through leading innovations in these therapy areas.

In the UK, Takeda has three organisations:

  • Takeda UK, established in High Wycombe in 1997 to commercialise our products in the UK
  • Our pre-clinical research division, supplements our R&D network in Japan, Europe and the USA with world-class target identification and validation capabilities
  • Takeda Development Centre Europe - with more than 400 employees in the UK, Switzerland and Denmark, TDC was set up in London in 2004 to establish a system for conducting clinical trials and formulating applications for approval for our US and European R&D functions

Takeda Products Ireland Ltd is a multi-country organisation alongside Takeda UK. For more information about Takeda Products Ireland, please visit www.takedaireland.ie

Advancing healthcare together

 Takeda today looks beyond the conventional industry model to develop more advanced healthcare solutions by working with providers to develop new ways of preventing disease, new modalities and treatment and new ways of supporting patients through their journey.

As pioneers of collaborative working with local NHS organisations to help them meet specific healthcare objectives, Takeda UK has accumulated vast experience of partnership projects in our core therapy areas, especially in the management of chronic conditions. By forging productive partnerships with healthcare professionals and patient groups, listening, understanding and seeking out opportunities to help meet local needs, Takeda UK aims to be viewed by our customers as the industry partner of choice in this respect.

Understanding the balance the NHS has to strike between embracing innovation and managing a constrained healthcare budget, we partner with our stakeholders to help fulfill their requirements and ensure that patients have access to our innovative medicines.

Throughout, our collaborations are guided by  'Takeda-ism' - a culture with integrity at its core in terms of compliance, fairness and honesty in every activity, and perseverance in pursuing the ideal forms for our operations. 


Date of Preparation: December 2017