Research & Development

We aspire to be a dynamic R&D organization that thinks, acts and interacts with the external world like no other. We will achieve this through an intense focus on the best science for those therapies that can deliver true innovation for patients. 

Our R&D Strategy 

We are strategically shaping our pipeline by sharpening our focus on key therapeutic areas and taking embracing exciting new possibilities. We will enhance our capabilities in key areas that include therapeutic modality diversification such as large molecules and cell-based therapies, genomics and data sciences, and translational medicine. We are fast becoming a partnering engine that creates synergy between our own world-class scientists and external innovators. We will transform our culture through leadership, agility and actively seeking  connection with partners and trends both in and outside our industry. We are driving an entrepreneurial mindset to develop our leaders and leveraging the expertise of our employees to get the most for patients. We are creating an inspiring culture of opportunity and accountability, where swift decision-making and flawless execution are our hallmarks.

Our Core Therapeutic Areas

To innovate with the greatest impact we will focus on therapeutic areas where we want to be at the cutting edge of innovation - oncology, gastroenterology (GI) and central nervous system (CNS) - where patient need is great, where we can build upon our deep scientific expertise, where we have a strong track record of recent successes, and where we intend to continue discovering innovative new medicines. We will also continue to build upon our global health approach to vaccines. We will optimize our pipeline to deliver on our committment to patients. 


Recognizing Innovation

Innovators in Science Award

The Innovators in Science Award, proudly sponsored by Takeda and administered by the New York Academy of Sciences, was established in November, 2016 and recognizes a promising Early Career Scientist and an outstanding Senior Scientist’s contributions to science in the therapeutic areas of neuroscience, gastroenterology, regenerative medicine, and oncology, and is intended to support their commitment to innovative research.

Two prizes of US$200,000 are awarded each year, in a specific therapeutic area, one to an Early Career Scientist and the other to a well-established Senior Scientist from across the globe who have distinguished themselves for the creative thinking and impact of their research.

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Date Of Preparation: December 2017