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Combination Treatments – Our proposal


At Takeda, we are guided by an unwavering commitment to put the patient first in everything we do. As part of this, we have a long history of collaborating with healthcare systems, regulatory, health technology assessment bodies, payers and the clinical and patient communities to find solutions to complex challenges that enhance patient access to innovative treatments.

Combination treatments are becoming increasingly common as the understanding of complex diseases increases; particularly in areas such as cancer, HIV, rheumatoid arthritis and Hepatitis C. This is because using multiple treatments in combination can simultaneously target numerous pathways that drive a disease. However, despite potentially offering significant clinical benefits to patients, the availability of combination treatments remains a significant challenge as they often face cost-effectiveness barriers even when one of the treatments is given away at zero price.

There is consensus within key stakeholder groups, nationally and internationally, that solutions for accessing combination treatments need to be quickly found for the benefit of patient outcomes, now and in the future.

In partnership with experts from academia, NICE, the NHS, clinical and patient communities, Takeda has developed two Whitepapers setting out a proposed solution for improving access to combination treatments; the Value Attribution Framework and the Voluntary Arbitration Framework.

The Value Attribution Framework describes an economic methodology to attribute value to each treatment within a combination; this Whitepaper can be accessed via the link below. The Voluntary Arbitration Framework proposes a standard operating procedure to support compliant dialogue between pharmaceutical companies on combination treatments. This Whitepaper is currently being finalised and will be uploaded to the website, along with additional materials, in due course.

The proposed solution aims to contribute to the options being explored by other stakeholders to find transactable and implementable solutions that align with current NICE appraisal and NHS England commercial methods. We are passionate about working in partnership to find a solution that ensures patients can benefit from the potential of combination treatments as quickly as possible.

We welcome feedback, critique, and debate, of this solution so that we are able to represent perspectives from all stakeholders.

Please contact the team via: combinationmedicinesUK@takeda.com



- A Value Attribution Framework for Combination Therapies

Date of Preparation: May 2021