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The Takeda Global Code of Conduct and Promotion of the Global Compliance Program

In order to fulfill social expectations and trust, and to achieve recognition for its value to society, Takeda believes that, in addition to complying with the laws and regulations, it is essential for Takeda Group employees and executives to conduct business from high ethical and moral standards through the practical implementation of the corporate philosophy, "Takeda-ism." In line with this perspective, Takeda has instituted the Takeda Global Code of Conduct as a baseline standard of compliance commonly applicable to Takeda Group companies to help promote an integrated approach to compliance issues across Takeda operations worldwide.
To promote compliance worldwide, Takeda has appointed a Global Compliance Officer and established the Global Compliance Committee. The Global Compliance Office, which is at Legal Department of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, supports them in their efforts to promote compliance.

Promotion of Compliance at Takeda Group Companies

Under the global compliance organizational structure, each of Takeda Group companies continues to reinforce their compliance programs in line with the Takeda Global Code of Conduct.

The Global Compliance Office works with the compliance functions of Takeda Group companies when a coordinated global approach is required to manage certain compliance issues.

Promoting Compliance at Takeda Pharmaceutical

Takeda Pharmaceutical instituted the Takeda Compliance Program in April 1999, appointing its Compliance Officer and establishing the Compliance Promotion Committee.