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Our Corporate Symbols

1781 Embracing Mountains

Takeda started as an offshoot of the Chobei Omiya Store. This mark is based on the "Embracing Mountains" (Dakiyama), the company mark of the Omiya brand with the character "hon" added, indicating the main family of the extended clan. The two mountains represent one mountain from Omi, the clan's hometown, and one mountain from Osaka, where the store was established.

1898 Company Mark, Scales

This trademark was registered in 1898 to be used for products that met Japan Pharmaceutical Standards. The 'Uroko' became the official company mark in 1943 when the company's name was changed to Takeda Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd because it is simple and easy to remember. To this day, it is still used as Takeda's logo mark in Japan. The triangle symbolizes a scale from a fish (uroko in Japanese), and the mark is regarded as a symbol of good luck as the scales of a fish represent age and growth over the years, much like the rings of a tree.

1909 Heron Mark

This trademark symbolizing the pure white heron was developed to be used for high-quality products that exceeded Japan Pharmaceutical Standards. This mark represents the high quality of Takeda's products and the commitment we have to serve society with integrity.

1961 Logo Mark for Overseas Use

Takeda's logo mark for overseas is an updated, modern version of the 'Embracing Mountains' (Dakiyama) mark. In the past, Takeda used this logo mark in black. However, it is currently used in red, the same color as the 'Scales' (Uroko) logo mark.