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Quality at Takeda

Takeda’s reputation for integrity & passion in its approach towards meeting the needs of patients dates back over 235 years. In 1781, founder Chobei I established his business with a mindset of approaching the care of patients in the same way that he would if they were his own children. 

Whilst the healthcare industry has undergone many transformations since, this patient-centric approach continues to guide us, and is put into practice on a daily basis by our global team of over 30,000 dedicated staff.

One such individual is Toru Ishida, whose role as Head of our Hikari Plant sees him working with some of the most cutting edge technology, operated by a passionate workforce who take pride in the plant's role as a flagship Center of Excellence.

For Toru, the key to the continued development of top quality products is identifying future patient needs and ensuring that his scientists and engineers are equipped with the skills, technology and knowledge required to meet them. The atmosphere at the plant encourages  a rich mix of individual creativity and collaborative sharing, allowing the best ideas to surface, and leading to a continuous cycle of improvement.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles from the Hikari Plant, Takeda’s Global Quality Officer Dr. Gerard Greco, is guided by these very same underlying principles. He agrees that it’s the rich combination of outstanding science, integrated systems and knowledgeable people that leads to the reliable supply of safe, effective high-quality medicines worldwide.

Jerry’ s beliefs are echoed by Dr. Thomas Wozniewski, Takeda’s Global Manufacturing and Supply officer. Thomas shares this same respect for the thousands of dedicated individuals within Takeda’s team, whose motivation to work together to solve tough medical challenges leads to breakthroughs that change lives. Equipped with state of the art technology, and supported by internal and external partners, Takeda’s manufacturing and supply teams reach patients on a global level, bringing relief and reassurance to millions. 

While Takeda’s workforce of today may be separated by time from that of two centuries ago, they share the same fundamental belief: by focusing squarely on the patient and making every possible effort to produce the best result, innovative breakthroughs will be made, and lives will be changed for the better.

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