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HCP measuring the heartbeat of a patient

How can we partner to let patients stay in their comfort zones and zip codes?

Bringing ideas together. That’s the Takeda way.

Capacity & Community

Helping businesses and organizations pull our communities closer together.

When it comes to quality of health care, there has always been a large disparity among racial and ethnic groups-even in the regions where health care is at its strongest in the US. Solving the challenge will take time, commitment, and intentional efforts. But most of all, it will take participation and collaboration from local organizations and businesses. Community by community, we will build a health equity mindset across the entire industry.

Addressing health inequities: Community efforts and root causes.


Sustainable Access

Expanding the potential of our health care systems.

By rewarding health systems for the quality of the care they provide, value-based care is an important step forward for the patient. But from racism to poverty to literacy, 80% of the things that impact an individual’s health happen outside the health system’s walls. We can’t improve the level of care by ignoring the root causes of inequity. It’s time to overhaul our systems and create economic models that reward patient outcomes.

Community Servings Staff

2023 U.S. Impact Report


Revolutionizing Science

Innovating ways for local resources to cover more ground - and reach more people.

Bringing life-transforming therapies to market is important. But what really matters is bringing them all the way to the patient. All too often, geographic, socioeconomic, and logistical barriers stand in the way. At Takeda, we’re investing in ways to improve the experience - like innovating ways for patients to administer their medication without leaving their homes.

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