“A medicine my own family may need some day.”


I am in charge of our drug substance manufacturing processes. These are the active ingredients that give a drug its efficacy. Highly potent active ingredients can be dangerous to touch, so we wear protective clothing that looks like a space suit.

We conduct stringent quality checks at Takeda that go beyond the regulatory standards. You might wonder why we “overdo” it but, in the words of my manager, “When producing a drug, keep in mind that your family may need it someday.” Yet it’s more than a matter of just producing a drug that works. The way I see it, quality products can be delivered only from quality procedures and, for that reason, I have to be acutely conscious of everything I do.

Takeda is now rapidly globalizing. Before joining the company, I never imagined I’d be working alongside people from all around the world, but today I work with overseas drug substance production centers, and travel abroad to support technology transfers. There are differences in how business is done in each part of the world, but our commitment to bringing the best medicine to patients is the same everywhere.

My goal is to draw on our respective strengths and work with colleagues around the world to develop the finest pharmaceuticals.

Daisuke Nakashima  

I produce pharmaceutical ingredients at the Hikari Plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. One day a patient who uses our drugs told me that he always turns to Takeda medicines for relief. That really made a big impression on me.