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Online Invoicing

SAP Business Network (formerly Ariba Network) is the preferred transactional platform at Takeda, it allows you to automate the invoicing process by issuing documents online.

Takeda recommends Suppliers choose a STANDARD ACCOUNT, which the free-of-charge option regarding types of accounts).

How to start online invoicing?

  1. Register your free-of-charge Standard Account on SAP Business Network (you can also use the account already created for supplier registration purpose) (registration)
  2. Provide your bank details in the “Remittances” section (remittances)
  3. You are ready to issue your first online invoice (invoice for materials or invoice for services)

Note:If you are using email PDF invoices rather than SAP Business Network for invoices, please see the Purchase Orders and Invoices page for the correct address.

E-Invoicing Training Materials

  • Full guide (PDF)
  • Account registration (video / PDF)
  • Remittances (video / PDF)
  • Invoice for materials (PDF)
  • Invoice for services (PDF)
  • Account settings (video / PDF)
  • Users (video / PDF)
  • Notifications (video / PDF
  • Non-PO invoice (PDF)
  • Adding attachments (PDF)
  • TAX configuration (PDF)
  • Credit memo (video / PDF)
  • How to create dispute on SAP Business Network (PDF)
  • How to accept the TRR (PDF)
  • Order confirmation (PDF)
  • Ariba help center (video / PDF)
  • Log-in issues (video)

Training Sessions for Takeda Suppliers

We offer regular training sessions for Suppliers. In this interactive meeting, you may ask your questions once the presentation is finished.

The agenda includes:

  • registration process
  • setting the account for notifications, users and remittances
  • on-line invoicing
  • creating the credit memo
  • checking invoice status
  • issuing invoices with and without tax
  • adding attachments

If you would like to participate in the training, please submit your request.