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Our HEPA Center’s global quest for health equity

Advancing health equity is key to creating a world where everyone has access to the resources and care they need to live their fullest, healthiest life1. As we strive towards a more inclusive health ecosystem, Takeda is dedicated to collaborating with the communities we serve to improve care at every stage of the patient journey and achieve community-level impact. We insist on maintaining a holistic view of people’s lives as we make good on our commitment to bring better health and a brighter future to patients worldwide.

A key part of our company-wide effort is the Center for Health Equity and Patient Affairs (HEPA). First set up in 2020, HEPA consists of six multidisciplinary teams that work globally with internal and external partners to:

  • Improve access for patients and providers
  • Gather and integrate diverse perspectives from patients around the world into our work
  • Identify and address health inequities in communities with knowledge sharing that builds and strengthens infrastructure in communities
  • Build alliances and partnerships with external entities to help us all better understand and address the social determinants of health

As part of our company-wide efforts to advance health equity, HEPA is creating a living breathing knowledge network that advances health equity and enables our business to thrive. Through co-created solutions with internal and external partners, to date, HEPA has helped train 150 health-equity leaders in 30 countries and helped create more than 140 self-sufficient infrastructures operating independently. Since its creation, HEPA has also collaborated to complete 38 patient engagement programs improving patient outreach, recruitment, and retention in clinical trials across therapy areas.

HEPA brings everything it learns back to Takeda so that our business decisions and work reflect and provide the healthcare patients and communities with what they really need. There’s a lot more work to do but the strategic partnerships we’ve forged and our collaboration with communities, globally, have put Takeda on the right path towards doing our part to achieve health equity.


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