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Breaking down barriers with a free patient hot line

Navigating the journey to a proper rare disease diagnosis and subsequent care can be incredibly difficult, and for many, a correct diagnosis is never found1,2. The journey can be further complicated for those at greatest risk of poor health due to their circumstances, situation or understanding of available local healthcare systems and processes3

With an objective of identifying and breaking down barriers to diagnosis and care, Takeda Kazakhstan are proudly jointly sponsoring a live hot line for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), a broad term that indicates inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract and a series of relatively rare conditions.

This sponsorship allows IBD patients to access practical, independent and personalized advice and information, alongside psychological and legal support. Free phone consultations are available from trained professionals, including access experts, psychologists and professional lawyers. Topics include access to diagnostics and care, hospital admissions, support in communication with government health authorities and much, much more.

Supporting communities in seeking out and overcoming barriers in diagnosis and care is at the heart of our commitment to drive health equity.


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