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Hear from Patients

Takeda’s Access to Medicines approach is centered on patients’ needs. Our programs are focused on strengthening countries’ healthcare systems at every stage of the patient journey.

Meet some of the patients benefitting from Takeda's Patient Assistance Programs, our innovative approach to addressing affordability and a cornerstone of our Access to Medicines approach. These programs are currently running across 14 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Europe. Our Patient Assistance Programs use innovative and collaborative financing models to increase access to treatment, while maximizing medical benefits. Since their inception in 2016, Takeda Patient Assistance Programs have made it possible for around 1,300 patients to complete their course of treatment even if they could not afford to pay for it in full.

Meet 33-year old Lucy Ndungu, from Thika, Kenya who is a hairdresser and beautician living with multiple myeloma​

Hear Demie’s story and how Takeda’s Patient Assistance Program ensured she received the treatment she needed for Hodgkin lymphoma and returned to College.

Follow Krishnan on his journey with chronic myeloid leukemia, and how treatment through Takeda and The Max Foundation helped him regain precious moments with his family.

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