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Nordic Rare Disease Summit 2023: Report published

21 december 2023
Nordic Rare Disease Summit 2023

At the second Nordic Rare Disease Summit that took place on April 17, 2023, the main theme was "Rare diseases – setting the scene for change". A total of 663 registered participants from 33 countries gathered to discuss three key focus areas: Early Diagnosis, Patient Empowerment and Access to Innovation. The two main insights from the summit were the announcement that Sweden now will commence work with a first national strategy for rare diseases and that there is a strong commitment across the Nordics to collaborate to find solutions to the three key focus areas."

A notable recommendation from this year's summit was for the development of an updated Nordic Roadmap for Rare Diseases, with measurable recommendations. This will be a forward-looking roadmap, taking into account all dialogues, and possibly agreed upon by the end of 2023 by all ten participating partners of this year's Nordic Rare Disease Summit.

Right now, you can find a report with the key outcomes from the Nordic Rare Disease Summit 2023 here: nrds2023.org