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Ramona Sequeira, President of Takeda's U.S. Business Unit, on the Many Opportunities That Lie Ahead for the “New” Takeda

While Takeda’s new acquisition positions the company as a global, values-based, R&D driven biopharmaceutical leader, it also sets the stage for a dynamic US business driven by the combined resources of well-established organizations with a proven track record of success.

“As head of Takeda’s U.S. business unit, I couldn’t be more excited and extend a warm welcome to all the Shire employees, partners and patients who are now part of Takeda in the U.S,” says Ramona Sequeira, President of Takeda’s US business unit.  “In my view, the formation of our new company is a significant development for Takeda and for the patients we serve. We have the chance to leverage this new organization to increase our overall share of Takeda’s global business beyond the current 40% figure.  We will have new leadership with a wealth of experience in the US market and will now be the largest life sciences company in the Boston region.”

At recent Town Hall meetings in Lexington and Deerfield, Ramona reiterated the promise of the new combined organizations – to drive growth and provide key products to physicians and the patients who need them. “We are taking a very deliberate approach, thinking not just about our business today, but about how to support patient outcomes in the best way possible by driving our many growth opportunities, integrating successfully, and building an even stronger culture over the coming years. In meeting with our top 200 leaders, we discussed the many opportunities that lie ahead for the new Takeda as we bring together amazing talent, an innovative and diverse portfolio of products, and a very exciting pipeline. I reminded everyone about what Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business means, and how each of us is responsible for bringing those values to life as we run our business and make decisions every day,” she said.

As the new Takeda evolves, the goal is to lead by example.  With a world-class, state-of-the-art R&D engine that translates science into transformative medicines, while focusing on four therapeutic areas: Oncology, Gastroenterology (GI), Neuroscience and Rare Diseases – the “new” Takeda hopes to make a greater impact in the US market and beyond.