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Establishing Ecosystem for Health Innovation in Shonan, Japan

On April 13th, 2018, Takeda held the grand opening of Shonan Health Innovation Park (“Shonan iPark”), which aims to cultivate Japan’s first open innovation ecosystem led by a pharmaceutical company. The grand opening ceremony co-hosted by Takeda and Kanagawa Prefecture was attended by Governor Yuji Kuroiwa and many other government officials, as well as academia, hospital officials and President and CEO of Takeda, Christophe Weber with other Takeda Executive Team members.  Christophe Weber expressed his appreciation towards those involved in bringing the project to life, saying “it is a very open concept with the aim towards working on health innovation and delivering the next solution to patients.”

Shonan iPark: Growing together with its partners

Shonan iPark is the result of the opening up of Takeda’s cutting-edge R&D facility, Shonan Research Center, to an alliance of industry, government, and academic organizations, and which also includes companies from the venture capital segment. In addition to universities and research institutes related to healthcare, venture capital firms, hospitals, municipalities, and other partners will become tenants, resulting in a vibrant ecosystem that drives entrepreneurship and partnership. By serving as a bridge connecting these organizations, the project aims to attract 3,000 researchers by 2020, enabling innovative research and development in the field of life-science, and leading to groundbreaking discoveries for tackling tough health challenges.

Towards innovations in health

In order to make the innovative breakthroughs needed in healthcare, it is crucial that a wide variety of organizations work together in a coordinated fashion, as opposed to a single pharmaceutical company conducting research and development behind closed doors. The expectation for Shonan iPark is that it will attract both the best human resources from around the world, along with significant investment, and become the center of health innovation within Japan. Shonan iPark’s contribution to the development of Japan as a world-class nation for innovation in health serves as an embodiment of the government’s Big-Boned Policy and Japan Revitalization Strategy.

Supporting an ecosystem for the successful development of innovative treatments from Japan

As a global pharmaceutical company representing Japan and Asia and being built on a solid foundation of research and development, Takeda is committed to sharing its know-how and expertise in order to create an environment within which innovation can flourish. The success of Shonan iPark in becoming the heart of a world-class ecosystem will require efficient and effective collaboration between industry, national government, and academia, as well as local governmental, municipal, and medical institutions. Through supporting these efforts, Takeda will continue to strive for better health and a brighter future for all.

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