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Transfer of TAK-070, a Candidate Molecule for the Treatment of Alzheimer-type Dementia, to the National University Corporation

Osaka, Japan, June 8, 2012—Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (“Takeda”) announced today that it has finalized a contract to transfer TAK-070, which was previously developed by Takeda as a potential treatment of Alzheimer-type dementia, to the National University Corporation, The University of Tokyo (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan “The University of Tokyo”). Based on the contract, Takeda shall receive an upfront payment and a certain rate of royalty from the sales generated through the University of Tokyo, if TAK-070 is commercialized. No other economic conditions are disclosed.

TAK-070 was discovered by Takeda, and acts to inhibit the β-secretase enzyme. Amyloid-β-protein is postulated as a fundamental cause of Alzheimer-type dementia, and is produced by the action of β-secretase on Amyloid-β-precursor protein. TAK-070 therefore suppresses the production of amyloid-β protein by inhibiting this β-secretase.

The University of Tokyo Hospital is designated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as the base for “the national early/exploratory clinical trial project”. This project aims to conquer dementia and intractable neurological and psychiatric diseases, and it is preparing to build a system that will enable the continuous conduct of clinical studies ranging from early stage clinical trials to POC*1 studies by introducing drug candidates from both home and abroad. TAK-070 will be the first new drug candidate to undergo clinical research at this hospital.

”TAK-070 may possibly prevent or suppress the progression of Alzheimer-type dementia,” said Takeshi Iwatsubo, MD, PhD, Professor of Neuropathology, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo and the Manager of the Unit for Early and Exploratory Clinical Development at The University of Tokyo Hospital. “We will proceeded with clinical research on TAK-070 by using know-how which has been accumulated from the participation in large-scale clinical networks such as J-ADNI*2, for diagnostic imaging and biomarker identification for Alzheimer-type dementia, and contribute to the creation of innovative drugs originating in Japan.”

“Although we chose not to continue the clinical development of TAK-070, Takeda is eager to use all our molecules in any way that can bring benefit to patients, and we believe that transferring TAK-070 to University of Tokyo Hospital is a great way of doing this.”, said Paul Chapman, General Manager, Pharmaceutical Research Division of Takeda.“ I have great hope that in the near future, the University of Tokyo Hospital will use the great experience they have created at the “Unit for Early and Exploratory Clinical Development” to develop not only TAK-070, but also other new treatments for patients with Alzheimer-type dementia.”

*1 Proof of Concept: Confirmation of clinical safety and efficacy and verification of the concept of new drug candidate substance

*2 Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative: Brain imaging study to longitudinally monitor the onset and progression of Alzheimer-type dementia


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