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In the Slovak Republic, the company Takeda primarily follows the activities of the companies Byk Gulden and ALTANA Pharma, which over time became part of Nycomed and then Takeda. The products of the current company Takeda have been available on the Slovak market since 1969.

Takeda's medicines in Slovakia mainly help people with gastroenterological and oncological diseases, as well as in the field of treating diseases of the heart and blood vessels, osteoporosis, insomnia and complex tissue care. The assortment is complemented by over- the-counter medicines that you can buy without a prescription in pharmacies.

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The Innovation Capability Center (ICC) will help us realize Takeda's vision of insourcing data and digital capabilities (eg. innovation, skillsets, behaviors), which will enable speed in connecting and serving patients. As an organization, we are committed to our cloud- driven business transformation and believe the ICC is a catalyst of change for our global organization.


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Our Products

We focus mainly on treatment areas where we can fully utilize our research and development experience. Our medicines are used in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes), diseases of the digestive tract, arterial hypertension, in the complex care of tissues, in the treatment of pain, insomnia, oncological diseases and osteoporosis. In the category of over-the-counter drugs, we offer products that treat hemorrhoids.


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Social Responsibility

Like other companies that follow the ethical principles of the Takeda group, Takeda in Slovakia takes its responsibility towards people very seriously. In particular, this commitment includes fostering open and productive relationships with primary and secondary health care providers, patient initiatives, regulatory and government organizations, citizen initiatives and pharmaceutical industry bodies.



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