Takeda Announces its Support for Damages Caused by Typhoon Hagibis in 2019

Osaka, Japan, October 17, 2019, --- Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, (“Takeda”) (TSE:4502 /NYSE:TAK) today announced that, as a token of our support, it has decided to contribute 10 million yen to the “Central Community Chest of Japan” and to conduct a matching gift* within the company to provide for the costs of the immense damage.

Takeda would like to extend its deepest condolences to the family and friends of all those who lost their lives because of Typhoon Hagibis in 2019 and would also like to express its heartfelt sympathy to those who were affected.

Takeda will continue to support the disaster areas as much as possible, and it hopes for a rapid recovery of both the people and the areas affected by this disaster.

*Takeda will ask its employees for donations, in cooperation with Takeda Pharmaceutical Workers' Union. The company will contribute an amount matching the donations collected from the employees, and disburse the total amount to the affected areas.