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Unveiling the 2022 Global CSR Program partners to strengthen health systems around the world


Four new partners have been selected for Takeda’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, based on the votes of our employees around the world. The efforts of these partners aim to strengthen health systems in developing countries.

On September 13, we hosted our annual event to announce four new partners to Takeda’s Global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Four hundred ninety-seven participants from 156 organizations in 60 countries attended the event, an increase from last year, indicating the high level of interest in our efforts.

Once again, we have drawn on the voices of our employees around the globe and selected four new partnerships for our program to support health systems in low- and middle-income nations. Since the program was launched in 2016, Global CSR Program contributions have totaled more than $140 million, supporting 24 projects in 79 countries.

Takeda is proud of the input we receive from our employees. This year, in response to votes cast by more than 23,000 of our employees, Ipas, Plan International, Pure Earth and the United Nations Population Fund were chosen as the FY2022 Global CSR Program partners.


Helping those in need
  • Ipas will receive more than $7 million to implement a program to strengthen sexual and reproductive healthcare for girls and women in the most remote parts of Ethiopia, Indonesia and Pakistan.
  • An additional $3.55 million is going to Plan International to deliver greater access to health services for marginalized populations in Somalia, with a particular focus on girls and women suffering from complications associated with female genital mutilation.
  • The Pure Earth scheme will get over $7 million to help protect children in Colombia, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan and Peru from lead poisoning, which is linked to potentially permanent brain damage.
  • A similar amount has been earmarked for the United Nations Population Fund, which will be invested in increasing the quality of support for survivors of gender-based violence in Azerbaijan, El Salvador, Indonesia, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.
  • Additional funds are being set aside by the Global CSR Program for the International Organization for Migration, to support the introduction of an electronic tool to assist migrants displaced by conflict and crises.

At the event, Takako Ohyabu, Chief Global Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer at Takeda, said, “In order to achieve sustainable global health and reach more people more effectively, we will engage in dialogue with the communities we support to design and measure programs together. By doing so, we believe that new perspectives will be nurtured, innovation will be fostered, and we will be able to provide better support to people and a brighter future for the world.” 


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