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2016 Annual Report - Table of Contents

In our Vision 2025, we have set our goals to be number one in gastroenterology (GI) and be among the top 10 in oncology, with a strong presence in central nervous system (CNS) and Emerging Markets (EM).


Takeda always puts the patient first, and has been working hard for many years to deliver our medicines to the people who need them. In 2015, we devised strategies for corporate social responsibility (CSR) measures focused on improving health and medical care worldwide, as well as measures to improve access to medicine around the world, including areas where medical systems are not well developed.


In an effort to promote further human resource development and diversity, we’ve launched three new training programs to further enhance the skills and knowledge of each employee. In addition, we are accelerating diversity and inclusion efforts worldwide, and are promoting diversity in gender, working style, age, and career. ​



At Takeda, where we strive toward “patient-centered innovation”, we are investing proactively in R&D, with vaccination and the three disease areas of Oncology, GI, and CNS as our areas of emphasis.  Furthermore, we are promoting collaborative research with 7 external partners, starting with the Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, Kyoto University.​

Business Performance

In FY2015, we achieved annual management guidance for the second consecutive year. Sales in the areas positioned as growth drivers, Oncology, GI, CNS, and Emerging Markets, increased by 9.5% over the previous year. Each area achieved substantial growth, with overall sales increasing by 3.4%, core earnings by 8.1%, and core EPS by 21.7%.​

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