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Pricing Philosophy

Patients are at the heart of everything we do

Pricing Philosophy

Our approach to pricing medicines in the U.S. reflects our strong commitment to bringing the right treatment options to patients who may benefit from them. When setting prices, we aim to make our medicines accessible to as many patients as possible, while recognizing the value they bring to patients, providers and the overall healthcare system.



More specifically, we consider and believe in:

The value medicine brings to patients and society

Every day, we focus on developing therapies that improve patient outcomes, reduce disease burden and offer healthcare providers important new options that enable them to treat patients based on their individual needs. Once on the market, we continue to invest in our treatments in order to demonstrate value and improve patient outcomes.

We believe in partnering with stakeholders to develop initiatives that improve patient outcomes, drive value and support value-based payment for our medicines.

Treatment access for patients

Ensuring patients have access to the medicines they need is a top priority for Takeda. We recognize that some patients continue to face real challenges in affording their medicines. Therefore, we also invest in programs and solutions to enable access to our medicines.

Providing a thoughtful approach that will allow us to continue to deliver innovative medicines

When we price a new medicine, we carefully consider the ability of patients to access our medicine, while balancing our mission of continuing to develop, research and market new medicines to address patients’ unmet needs. We do not subscribe to the idea that new medicines equal more expensive medicines. We believe the price should reflect the value and innovation a treatment brings to patients, providers and the healthcare system.

We will continue to be thoughtful when we price our medicines and when we consider price increases, taking into account patient access and affordability. We regularly evaluate our pricing, contracting, co-pay support and patient assistance programs, which support patients who need our medicines.

In alignment with our philosophy, over the last few years our annual gross and net increases for our U.S. portfolio have been and continue to be in the single digits and we are limiting future price increases in the U.S. to single digits.

We will continue our efforts to thoughtfully and responsibly price our medicines as we strive to do right for patients, society and the future of drug development.