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Strengthening the communities where we live and work

For the past four years, Takeda has been partnering with Building Impact, a nonprofit organization that designs corporate days of service and team volunteering in the community, for our Takeda Cares Week program. In this guest blog, Building Impact shares their perspective on how our ongoing partnership is providing support for neighbors, families, students and veterans around us.
This year, amid the ongoing challenges of the global pandemic, Takeda partnered with our team at Building Impact to identify unique ways in which Takeda volunteers could support our partner nonprofit organizations in communities across the country through a week of service. Together, we designed projects supporting local community organizations on the front lines of care for some of our neighbors with the highest needs. What an incredible opportunity to build upon our four-year partnership with Takeda to create opportunities for over 90 project leaders, nearly 500 blood donors, and an incredible 5,000 volunteers to serve local community organizations and causes!

With an array of projects from virtual food boxes for families experiencing food insecurity, to outdoor in-person land conservation work with the Audubon society, to a nation-wide blood drive, the Takeda teams came together to generate over $430,000 in impact with local nonprofits.

This year, the volunteer projects addressed a wide range of social issue areas including homelessness, food insecurity, care for veterans and their families, domestic violence, STEAM education and more. The projects spanned over 49 states across the U.S., ensuring that Takeda employees had the opportunity to serve the community they call home.

Addressing high priority needs in a safe way

With ongoing concerns for safety and health from COVID-19, Takeda Cares Week 2021 provided employees the opportunity to volunteer virtually. In the past, corporate days of service presented challenges for full participation, due to demanding schedules, disparate locations and, for some more physically demanding activities, the accessibility of the project. The advent of virtual volunteering has made Takeda Cares Week truly a concerted effort traversing all teams, roles and geographies across the U.S. Employees from manufacturing sites to research labs, and from field offices across 49 states were able participate in contributing to a collective impact that will strengthen local community organizations supporting students, families and veterans across the country.
For our nonprofit partners, virtual volunteering also eases the stress of coordinating on-site volunteer events while still addressing their highest priority needs. Many of our community partners work with communities that have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and the ancillary challenges of job loss, food and housing insecurity, and poverty. Out of concern for the health of their clients and their teams, these nonprofits still cannot safely host groups of volunteers on-site; however, the needs in communities have never been greater. Virtual volunteering offers the special opportunity to provide nonprofits the resources they need, and the support they deserve with the benefit of increased awareness on the social issues impacting their communities, while maintaining pandemic protocols and dedicating 100% of their resources and time to their clients. 

An impactful Takeda Cares Week 2021

As Takeda Cares Week has come to a close, we are inspired by its record-breaking success in engagement and impact. We’re particularly grateful for the leadership and involvement from members of the employee resource groups at Takeda, including the Black Leadership Council, Strive, Take Pride, IMPACTO and Faith at Work. The collective impact of Takeda Cares Week 2021 included 5,835 kits assembled, and over 4,700 hours of volunteering. Through the combined efforts of Takeda Cares teams’ across the U.S., 60 local organizations are providing the resources, advocacy and support to individuals and families in greatest need. In this tremendously challenging year, the support from Takeda volunteers has built the capacity of organizations in local communities by providing support and resources designed to improve the quality of life and strengthen the communities where Takeda employees work and live.

We’re excited to see how Takeda Cares Week continues to grow and to continue our work to strengthen communities with Takeda through virtual and in-person days of service and recurring volunteering opportunities.

If your team is interested in planning a day of service with Building Impact, check out our website and virtual volunteer event request form.

For more information about Takeda’s commitment to the community, please visit Takeda.com.