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A Family Affair: How Takeda Cares

From blood banks to food banks, Takeda Cares volunteer Alan Griswold and his family give it their all.




These are statements Alan Griswold uses repeatedly as he describes his experiences volunteering over the years.

“I cannot over-emphasize what a humbling experience it is,” says Alan. “I feel lucky we are the ones who can help out. It really gives you perspective.”

Known for his positivity and enthusiasm, Alan identifies where help is needed and responds with, “Let me grab my friends and family and go help.”

Alan has been a member of the Takeda Neuroscience Sales team for over 18 years. Being able to help his community is important to Alan and his family. In addition to donating blood on a regular basis, he’s also traveled to rebuild communities hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Katrina.

Throughout the pandemic Alan has found new ways to support his community, including helping a visually impaired friend access Google Hangouts to connect with family and friends as well as packing boxes of food at the El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank.

His advice for anyone looking for ways to volunteer is to simply search online for food banks near you.

“Call any one of them to see how you can help. They will be so happy you called. It’s such a positive experience. My family enjoys it. It gets us outside. I can’t encourage it enough.”